Milwaukee Fatherhood FIRE promotes fathers as Family-focused, Interconnected, Resilient, and Essential in the lives of their children, families, community and society. This program connects you with other fathers with similar goals working to improve their lives. Over a period of several weeks, you will work together learning as a team how to develop positive, healthy relationship and parenting habits that align with the FIRE qualities.

Fatherhood FIRE serves biological fathers, expectant and adoptive fathers, stepfathers or a person who is serving as a father figure for a dependent child or young adult up to 24 years old who lives in Milwaukee County.

Fatherhood FIRE involves three blended core program services and workshops:

Healthy Relationships

It is important for children to see examples of healthy marriage or co-parents. Relationships are difficult and take work. Fatherhood FIRE workshops and case management services will help you with things like:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Knowledge of the benefits of marriage

Responsible Parenting

Engaged fathers—whether living with or apart from their children, can help foster a child's healthy physical, emotional, and social development. Our Responsible Parenting workshops and case management services were created to help you become the best father you can be. They will cover topics like:

  • Child development and behaviors
  • How to establish positive communication with children
  • Skills for effective co-parenting
  • How to set boundaries and use non-violent discipline
  • Strategies for becoming an involved father
  • Skills for age-appropriate play with children
  • The importance of financially providing for children

Economic Stability

Everyone can use a little help when it comes to their finances. Whether you know a lot or nothing at all, economic workshops and coaching services will help with:

  • Resume development
  • Interviewing skills
  • Employment opportunities
  • Career advancement information
  • Internships and other job training programs

Upon completion of the Fatherhood FIRE program, Milwaukee County Child Support Services will generously offer you a 50% reduction in state interest OR, if there is no state interest, a 50% reduction in state owed birth expenses.